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15 Mar 2016 And with the spanking all tension is instantly defused. The husband has directed his resolution to the matter and that is the end of it. The matter is never mentioned again. Say goodbye to arguments and the sick residue they leave behind when you start spanking your wife. spanked wife. 9 Mar 2015 The first time I spanked my husband was a fun birthday spanking. It was over his underpants but I enjoyed it. When I wanted to do it again he said no. Several months later I had to give him an enema as prep for next day's exam at doctor. Since he was on all fours I got a hairbrush an spanked him with the.

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29 May 2015 I conducted an epic spanking for my husband the other day and thought I would share it here. His ass was very messed up and I had him begging for "mercy, mercy, mercy" by the time I was done with him. Here's what instigated it. We're getting a bathroom renovation done and we have a "bathroom. 3 days ago A blog about Domestic Discipline, F/m spanking, and Female Led Relationships. NSFW.

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A loving and caring wife knows what it takes to keep her husband to act properly. Spanking stories I have written at: flysch.info ( via femalesaresuperior). Source: saltee1. 13 Apr 2015 My husband bought a paddle on Amazon solely to spank me. He uses it very seldomly, maybe once a year. The last time he used it was on Christmas. It really hurts! It covers my butt entirely and makes me feel the punishment at least a day. Naturally, I was extra attentive to his wishes afterwards! You can.

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Domestic Discipline: Not Just Spanking. I spank my husband on a regular basis - all for things he has asked for help on (not swearing, not procrastinating, exercising regularly, eating well, driving safely). Men/Ladies: Should husbands be allowed to spank their wives? As a form of punishment? Or when the wives don't do their work properly, complete their housework, do not please their men in bed, spend too much money without permission.

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12 Apr 2016 In early 1946, a woman from Carmel, California wrote the Hollywood fan magazine Screenland to say how much she had enjoyed the recent Christmas release Frontier Gal—not just for its lovely performers and dazzling Technicolor vistas, but for saving her marriage by teaching her husband to spank her. Tell your husband to go to your bedroom and undress to his briefs. Inform him that you will be up in a few minutes to give him a spanking. Let him wait ten or fifteen minutes, so he can think about the spanking he has coming. Get a paddle back hairbrush or a spoon and go to the bedroom. This way he will see the implement.

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